Hospitality Enacted in the Annex

One of the goals of the newly formed Community Groups at FreeChurch is to get involved in our respective neighbourhoods and to make an impact for the gospel. The Christie Refugee Centre is an organization within our Annex neighbourhood and a community that FreeChurch has partnered with in the past. This seemed like a good place to start as our group’s initial project to enact our mission of becoming more hospitable. 


We gathered one evening to put together welcome baskets filled with household essentials. These baskets will be given to refugee families when they move into their own homes and is a very practical way in which we can welcome them. It also served as a way for us to invite our own neighbours to contribute if they wanted and we saw a positive response from them. We invited people we know to join with us in contributing household items to the baskets and we had a couple of people who are not part of our community jump right on board with us.


As Community Groups, we are learning to ask questions about what it looks like to be missional in our neighbourhoods.  What is God’s heart for the area in which we live? How can we serve the people who live next to us and show them God’s love? It is necessary to be discussing aspects of our faith with each other in these groups, but Jesus also calls us to be active in living out our faith and this is what we are learning to do together.



Sarah Wiebe has been part of FreeChurch for two and half years and is one our leaders in our Annex Community Group. She is originally from Windsor, ON, and works in Toronto as a professional musician.  

The 5 Habits of Highly Missional People

This week marks the first meetings for our Discipleship Groups, which are our smaller discussion groups that branch off our Community Groups. We will be studying “The 5 Habits of Highly Missional People” by Michael Frost. 

Frost describes the book as a tool to “equip believers to see themselves as ‘sent ones’ and to foster a series of missional habits that shape our lives and values and propel us into the world confidently and filled with hope.”

If you would like to join a Community Group, please connect with us by e-mailing the address listed below.

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