Coming Up on Sunday

Coming Up on Sunday

FreeChurch Toronto has two Expressions each Sunday:

Annex Expression at the Annex Theatre – 10:30am

Kensington Expression at St Stephen in-the-Fields – 4:00pm

Current Sermon Series:

Eastertide: Celebrating and Joining God’s Restoration

During the season of Eastertide we are invited to join the celebration and action of the good news of Christ’s resurrection:  Brokenness is being restored. Broken lives.  Broken relationships. Broken social systems.
And we not only get to celebrate God’s restorative work, we get to join God in and live up to our calling as image-of-God-bearing people!
Through the next six weeks at FreeChurch we’ll be celebrating God’s restoration by hearing stories from organizations in our neighbourhoods.  We have already begun to partner with those organizations and will look to find more ways of joining in!