Sorry Church: For Becoming Too Religious

This past Sunday, Jon Osmond preached on the early church of Galatia in his sermon, Sorry Church For Being Too Religious. Check out our podcast on Mixcloud in case you missed it.

Sorry Church - Galatia


Jul 5.15 // Sorry Church For Being Too Religious – Jon Osmond by Freechurch Toronto on Mixcloud


This summer, Jon and Cyril will continue to look at the struggles of the early followers of Jesus to see where we can identify our own areas of weakness and grow by looking back at history. Join us next week when Cyril preaches on Ephesus.



Sorry Church: The Story and Struggle of Becoming a Christ-formed Community


I am sorry.

These three words make up one of the most important phrases in any relationship. This includes our relationship to the church and our continuing journey to exemplify the body of Christ.

Join us this Sunday as we begin our new summer series, “Sorry Church: The Struggle and Story of Becoming a Christ-formed Community.” We’ll be looking back through stories of the early followers of Jesus who sometimes got it right and who sometimes got it wrong.


We hope that throughout this series we will be able to learn from the history of the early church and have an opportunity for self-evaluation. This will be a time for humility as we recognize the areas where we are not getting it right and the courage to see this as an opportunity to grow and strengthen our faith.

This Sunday, July 5th, Jon Osmond will begin our “Sorry Church” series with the story of Galatia – We’re Sorry for Becoming Too Religious.

We hope you can join us.