At.One.Ment Sermon Podcast

Jon’s jumped right into our Lent 2016 series, At.One.Ment, this past Sunday. If you missed it in person, catch up through our Mixcloud podcasts as we journey together through Lent this season.



Jon Osmond kicks off another sermon series this Sunday with At.One.Ment Title

Join us at our two expressions:

ANNEX: 10:30am (Annex Theatre ***)


*** Please note that the Studio Sunday has been cancelled. We will remain in the Annex Theatre.

Quadragesima: A Christ-Focused Look at Lent

Sarah Stanley shared her message “Quadragesima: A Christ-Focused Look at Lent” with us on Sunday. Sarah encouraged us to go deeper on our journey through Lent by refocusing our attention away from the things we are denying ourselves and rather back on Christ.

If you missed it, be sure to take a listen to Sarah’s sermon through out Mixcloud account.

Jon Osmond is back next week, February 21 with the start of a new sermon series. Hope to see you all at either the Annex Expression (Studio Sunday 10:30am) or our Kensington Expression (4pm).

Quadragesima – A Christ-Focused Look at Lent


Sarah Stanley will  be preaching to both our Annex and Kensington Expressions on “Quadragesima – a Christ-Focused Look at Lent”.

Quadragesima Sermon TitleSarah Stanley has been impacted and shaped through several diverse ministry experiences. She is passionate about seeing people encounter and learn what it means to follow Jesus. She has a heart for the local church and for youth ministry. She most recently served as the Cross-Regional Youth Pastor at The Meeting House, a multi–site church with locations across Ontario and is in a season of venturing into the unknown on this adventure of following Christ!
We’re excited to have Sarah sharing with us this week and we hope to see you there too!