Easter Mothers – Cyril Guerette

May 11.14 // Easter Mothers – Cyril Guerette by Freechurch Toronto on Mixcloud

Discussion Questions:

1. Because of the social context in Jesus’ day, woman would not have been seen as a good reliable source of information and their testimony would not have been highly regarded in the court of law. Where are we still seeing this kind of discrimination in our culture today with different people group and genders? How can the story of the Mary’s help change these stereotypes in our culture today?

2. Have you ever met a woman of God/Christian woman who displayed incredible faithfulness and love? How can you show love and appreciation for her this week? or if she has passed away, thank God for her testimony.

3. Like Mary Magdalene, have you ever had an experience of being delivered in some way or met by God in some way that increased your faith and commitment to him? Mary Magdalene had 7 demons cast out of her – Luke 8: 1-3

4. These Mary’s were not valued because of their social position or knowledge, but because of their love and faithfulness for Christ. What does this teach us about what God values? How can we understand what God is calling us to, by looking at the lives of these woman?

5. How can we practically put this kind of faithful love into practice this week as we love God and others?