Living the Future Reality in the Present – Jon Osmond

May 04.14 // Living the Future Reality in the Present – Jon Osmond by Freechurch Toronto on Mixcloud

Discussion Questions:

1.How does the resurrection of Jesus impact your everyday life?

2.Resurrection life for followers of Jesus means becoming our future serves in the present. How do we achieve our future serves?

3.Have you ever imagined what your life would be like in its complete, resurrected future self? What would that look like or be characterized by?

4.Baptism is a powerful symbol of new life; living out the resurrection. How does remembering your baptism affect the way you live out your future self?

5.Have you been baptized? What do you think about being re-baptized as an adult?

6.Reflect: What are the things that need to be developed in your life, through the power that raised Christ from the dead, to help you live in your future self?
Spend some time in prayer as you ask the Holy Spirit to guide your prayer.