theOz copyJon Osmond – Senior Pastor

Jon and his wife Claudia and their three children have been living in the Annex area (Seaton Village) since 2010. Jon has volunteered as a member of the Seaton Village Residents Association and a member of the board of directors for the Christie Refugee Welcome Centre. He enjoys cycling in the city and his weekly ice hockey games. Jon has over 20 years of pastoral ministry experience including youth ministry, social justice and outreach, and being the founding pastor of West Edge Community Church in Mississauga.  Jon also has worked in international development & micro-finance with Opportunity International.  He currently serves as a part-time chaplain at Christie Gardens Long-Term Care.


The Elders of FreeChurch Toronto exist to strive for the success of the mission and vision of FT, and to minister to the spiritual health of the members of the community.

Our current Elders are Kris Gibbs, Andrew Haugh, Jonathan Shui, Sarah Wiebe, and Shawna Frayne.



The Deacons of FreeChurch Toronto exist to mobilize the FreeChurch community to acts of service, justice and compassion.

Our current Deacons are:

Annex Expression: Joyce Shui, Jonathan Shui, and Esther Gibbs.

Kensington Expression: Rae Varughese, Caeleigh Kinch, and Olha Tkachenko.


Community Group Leaders

The Community Group Leaders of FreeChurch Toronto exist to provide small-group, close-contact encouragement, pastoral care, leadership, instruction and experience in a Christ-centred community to the members of FreeChurch Toronto. Currently, we meet in our four quadrants of the city:

Westside: led by Timothy Blank, Samantha Blank, and Silk Kaya

Annex/Northeast: led by Sarah Wiebe, Jordan Smail, and Jon Osmond

Kensington/Southeast: led by Jordan Michaelis and Kimberly Ivany.